Be a Lucy


I recently came across this photo floating around on the internet. It struck a cord with me. I have always been an I Love Lucy fan. I believed we were kindred spirits not only sharing a birthday but a penchant for innocently getting into trouble.

You name it if it’s a sticky situation I will have found myself knee deep and dripping in it. I don’t do it on purpose it just happens. It could be my naivety or my serious lack of thinking things through. I often get flustered and all my thoughts fly out of my brain only to go sit and squawk with the birds on the overhanging telephone wires. I am left with an empty brain scrambling to force jumbled words out of my mouth. Usually there are a lot of “I’m sorry or I don’t know how that could have happened”.

I am the girl that starts frantically looking for my phone only to realize I am talking on it. Today for instance I forgot to brush my seven year old daughters hair before school. A quick spit pat down on her long hair in the carpool line and she looked even worse then when I started my liquid spit bath.

The Kardashian’s in all there stylish, designer clothes and out of proportion drama are entertaining to watch but I would not for one second trade lives with them. I like my crazy life and quirky yet forgetful personality. This is me, a bit out of sorts, full of love with crazy creative energy and always feeling like there is something I forgot to do.

I don’t want to be a Kardashian, I want to be a Lucy.  This photo is my screensaver so that I am remind to be Lucy better yet to be Gretchen!  Be you, because nobody can be a better you then yourself.

When Kids Subconsiously Conspire


Me after I hit the trifecta



I have 4 amazing children. Samantha, an independent and responsible woman who is married and out of the house with a daughter of her own. Caleb, a tender hearted teddy bear and lover of football who is enduring last year of high school. Logan, the epitome of a stereotypical boy, rough and tumble, yet a hard worker and very organized. Logan is in his last year of middle school. Lastly, there is Ellaray, a spirited 7 year old who loves anything pretty and would talk and sing 24 hours a day if she could.


I am blessed beyond belief with the honor of being their mom. That said, as parents we all have hard days with our kids. Mainly it is just one of the kids that might be acting out or struggling with school. I take that kid aside talk to them and try to get to the heart of the issue all while making it clear that their present behavior is unacceptable. This is a part of parenting. It is an expected part and what I signed up for when I became a mom.

This being said occasionally I hit the trifecta. Yes, a trifecta would be great if I was betting on a horse race but when you have a trifecta with children you win the pot of meltdowns, pigpen behavior and  bad grades.

One morning this week I hit the trifecta. The day started out with a daughter who refused to get out of bed, then piddled around getting dressed. After nagging for an entire hour a few meltdowns (from both her and I) we finally managed get out the door.

Emotionally exhausted from this mornings ordeal I poured myself a cup of coffee. I was hoping to bask in the quietness of my home as all the children were now at school only to discover that apparently my youngest some had gotten into the maraschino cherries the night before. This was evident by the sticky ruby colored goo dripping of a good portion of my counter tops. On closer inspection I discover this syrupy liquid on the fridge, floor and even inside the silverware drawer. I could feel my blood start to boil. No one was home so I had time to compose myself and think of a proper punishment.

I took my cup of coffee and sat down on the computer to check my emails. Just some time to myself to get focused and calm down after a hectic morning. Then I clicked on an email from my oldest sons school. He was is danger of not graduating. He apparently has just given up on school, a sever case of senioritis. At this point there is no calming me down yet I have hours before anyone comes home from school.

I went to my dry-erase board and scribbled the new house rules that included earlier bedtimes, TV restrictions and food etiquette that was to be required in this home, in other words; if you messed it up clean it up (wouldn’t this would make a great quote for a rustic sign).

By the time I had everyone picked up from school I was much calmer and was able take each child aside and talk to them and encourage them to in the right direction. By the end of the day I was just exhausted having to lay down the law with each child in hopes of detouring their behavior. It rarely happens that all three of the younger ones are disobedient simultaneously, but when it does happen I am convinced that they all conspired to do it purposefully all at once just to drive me mad.

I just want you to know that as parents we are all in this together. No matter how adorable yours and my kids look on our Facebook page and Instagram feeds, we all have our days where we struggled to keep our sanity as parents. Hang in there moms and dads. I’m hanging in there right along with you.

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Geode Inspired Mugs


I took some plain Jane white mugs and turned them into something unique, functional and beautiful to look at it. The process of getting these mugs from plain to fabulous is fairly easy.


First you need plain white mugs. Next you will need a disposable bowl or one you don’t mind destroying and some paper towels. For the coloring of the mug just head to your nail polish stash and pick out a color that makes you smile. Finally, you will need to get a gold leaf kit. They are fairly inexpensive and you can use a 40% off coupon from Michaels or Jo-Ann fabric stores for your purchase.


This is the brand of gold leaf kit I used. Bonus you will have lots left over for other projects.


Once you have gathered all of your supplies the fun begins. Now fill your disposable bowl with hot water, then add a few drops of that stunning nail polish, you know the one that put a smile on your face. Immediately dip a mug in the water. Dip the mug in a way that you would want the polish to cling to it. I chose a side dip on these mugs. Gently blot the mug with a paper towel not too rough or the polish will come off. When done place on a paper towel to dry. Repeat this process with your other mug. You may need to change the water out because for this to  work well the water needs to be hot.


Let the nail polish set for a couple of hours. Once completely dry I use the adhesive in my gold leaf kit and paint small patches on the mugs where I would like the gold to go. After this adhesive becomes tacky lay on your gold leaf. I rub it on with my fingers and then brush of any excess. I then cover the gold leaf and nail polish with the sealer from the gold leaf kit. Once completely dry I place in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for an hour.

IMG_2021     IMG_2048

I love giving these mugs as hostess gifts. They are unique and inexpensive. If you would like to purchase these mugs I made then click on the link to my Etsy store.  My Etsy Store, The Upcycled goddess

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My Running Errands Gear

I love, almost more than chocolate, thrift store shopping. It is rare that I ever buy anything brand new. In this category of my blog I will show you complete outfits that I got at, you guessed it, thrift stores. Hopefully this will inspire you and give you the confidence to put together your own second-hand outfit.


Here’s the cost breakdown:

Faux leather jacket $10.00

Simple long gray V-neck  t-shirt $1.99

Fleece lined leggings $1.99

Blue Converse tennis shoes $7.99

Blue Calvin Klein purse $10.00

Total: $31.97

I would love to see some of your thrift store finds. Leave a picture in the comments or tag me on Instagram @upcycled_goddess

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Maraschino Cherry Cookies


This is a perfect quick and easy Valentine’s Day cookie. It took less then 10 minutes to whip up. What you will need:


1 cup salted butter, softened

1/2 cup powdered sugar

2tsp. Maraschino cherry juice

2 cups All-purpose flour

pinch of salt

1/2tsp. almond extract

2-3 drops of red food coloring

12-15 Maraschino cherries without the stems


3/4 cup powdered sugar

2-3 T. Maraschino cherry juice


First pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees and then line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. In a medium sized bowl using a hand mixer blend the butter, cherry juice and powdered sugar, or as my daughter likes to call it snow. After that is well combined, slowly add the flour and salt. Once the previous ingredients are all combined add in the food coloring and almond extract. I like to do this part by hand, mainly because it’s like playing with play-dough except it smells and tastes much better. Oh, to be a kid with endless hours to spare sculpting and kneading play-dough.


I then form the pink dough into 1 inch balls and place them on my prepared baking sheet. Then with my thumb I press an indention in the middle of each one. After that I place a maraschino cherry in each one. I encourage you to save the stems for a friendly family competition of tying the cherry stems into knots. Winner gets a cookie! Then place the sheet pan of cookies into the pre-heated oven. I bake them for 17-20 minutes or till lightly browned on the bottom.

While the cookies are baking it’s time to make the frosting. This is super simple, just add your powdered sugar and cherry juice and stir till it becomes a medium consistency; in-between soupy and concrete. 🙂


Once the cookies have baked and cooled for at least 10 minutes drizzle the tops of the cookies with the frosting. I found a fork works best for drizzling.


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