Upcycled Mashed Potatoes, Who Knew They Could be so Fabulous


Let me start by saying that my least favorite leftovers are mashed potatoes. They never seem to be as velvety soft, more a compressed version of their former selves. Needless to say after a fabulous chicken and mashed potato dinner I found my self looking at the translucent container of macerated potatoes in the fridge debating if I should let them sit there for a week or just preemptively toss them in the trash.

Inspiration struck me as I contemplated this perplexing first world problem. I should feel fortunate  I even have leftovers. I quickly concocted a new use for my forlorn potatoes. The children were home, yet another snow day, the third to be exact. I decided I would make my youngest son breakfast. He is a connoisseur of anything edible as he is 13.


First I scooped out 1 1/2 cups of the less then appealing potatoes.  Next I added 1 egg, 2T of AP flour and a 1/4 cup parmesan cheese. I gently stir my myriad of ingredients until it becomes a thick paste.  I set this mixture aside and work on the next steps.


I take French’s crispy fried onions and crush them with my hands, still leaving some good sized chunks. I prepare a sauté pan with a little bit of olive oil left to simmer in the pan on a medium high heat. I then use an ice cream scoop and scoop out 3 scoops of the potato mixture onto the plate of crispy onions. I gently sprinkle the mounds with the crispy onions. I then place them in the heated sauté pan. I cook each side for 2-3 minutes.


Feeling a little adventurous after this endeavor I decided to make 3 poached eggs, my son’s favorite. I gently place each egg on top of the potato cakes and finished the plate off with some mixed greens which although appealing to the eye my son thought they were completely unnecessary . I hope you enjoy these upcycled potatoes and that it will inspire you to upcycle your own leftovers.


I took a quick picture because he devoured it in about 3 minutes. Life with teenage boys.


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