Geode Inspired Mugs


I took some plain Jane white mugs and turned them into something unique, functional and beautiful to look at it. The process of getting these mugs from plain to fabulous is fairly easy.


First you need plain white mugs. Next you will need a disposable bowl or one you don’t mind destroying and some paper towels. For the coloring of the mug just head to your nail polish stash and pick out a color that makes you smile. Finally, you will need to get a gold leaf kit. They are fairly inexpensive and you can use a 40% off coupon from Michaels or Jo-Ann fabric stores for your purchase.


This is the brand of gold leaf kit I used. Bonus you will have lots left over for other projects.


Once you have gathered all of your supplies the fun begins. Now fill your disposable bowl with hot water, then add a few drops of that stunning nail polish, you know the one that put a smile on your face. Immediately dip a mug in the water. Dip the mug in a way that you would want the polish to cling to it. I chose a side dip on these mugs. Gently blot the mug with a paper towel not too rough or the polish will come off. When done place on a paper towel to dry. Repeat this process with your other mug. You may need to change the water out because for this to  work well the water needs to be hot.


Let the nail polish set for a couple of hours. Once completely dry I use the adhesive in my gold leaf kit and paint small patches on the mugs where I would like the gold to go. After this adhesive becomes tacky lay on your gold leaf. I rub it on with my fingers and then brush of any excess. I then cover the gold leaf and nail polish with the sealer from the gold leaf kit. Once completely dry I place in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for an hour.

IMG_2021     IMG_2048

I love giving these mugs as hostess gifts. They are unique and inexpensive. If you would like to purchase these mugs I made then click on the link to my Etsy store.  My Etsy Store, The Upcycled goddess

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