When Kids Subconsiously Conspire


Me after I hit the trifecta



I have 4 amazing children. Samantha, an independent and responsible woman who is married and out of the house with a daughter of her own. Caleb, a tender hearted teddy bear and lover of football who is enduring last year of high school. Logan, the epitome of a stereotypical boy, rough and tumble, yet a hard worker and very organized. Logan is in his last year of middle school. Lastly, there is Ellaray, a spirited 7 year old who loves anything pretty and would talk and sing 24 hours a day if she could.


I am blessed beyond belief with the honor of being their mom. That said, as parents we all have hard days with our kids. Mainly it is just one of the kids that might be acting out or struggling with school. I take that kid aside talk to them and try to get to the heart of the issue all while making it clear that their present behavior is unacceptable. This is a part of parenting. It is an expected part and what I signed up for when I became a mom.

This being said occasionally I hit the trifecta. Yes, a trifecta would be great if I was betting on a horse race but when you have a trifecta with children you win the pot of meltdowns, pigpen behavior and  bad grades.

One morning this week I hit the trifecta. The day started out with a daughter who refused to get out of bed, then piddled around getting dressed. After nagging for an entire hour a few meltdowns (from both her and I) we finally managed get out the door.

Emotionally exhausted from this mornings ordeal I poured myself a cup of coffee. I was hoping to bask in the quietness of my home as all the children were now at school only to discover that apparently my youngest some had gotten into the maraschino cherries the night before. This was evident by the sticky ruby colored goo dripping of a good portion of my counter tops. On closer inspection I discover this syrupy liquid on the fridge, floor and even inside the silverware drawer. I could feel my blood start to boil. No one was home so I had time to compose myself and think of a proper punishment.

I took my cup of coffee and sat down on the computer to check my emails. Just some time to myself to get focused and calm down after a hectic morning. Then I clicked on an email from my oldest sons school. He was is danger of not graduating. He apparently has just given up on school, a sever case of senioritis. At this point there is no calming me down yet I have hours before anyone comes home from school.

I went to my dry-erase board and scribbled the new house rules that included earlier bedtimes, TV restrictions and food etiquette that was to be required in this home, in other words; if you messed it up clean it up (wouldn’t this would make a great quote for a rustic sign).

By the time I had everyone picked up from school I was much calmer and was able take each child aside and talk to them and encourage them to in the right direction. By the end of the day I was just exhausted having to lay down the law with each child in hopes of detouring their behavior. It rarely happens that all three of the younger ones are disobedient simultaneously, but when it does happen I am convinced that they all conspired to do it purposefully all at once just to drive me mad.

I just want you to know that as parents we are all in this together. No matter how adorable yours and my kids look on our Facebook page and Instagram feeds, we all have our days where we struggled to keep our sanity as parents. Hang in there moms and dads. I’m hanging in there right along with you.

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