Be a Lucy


I recently came across this photo floating around on the internet. It struck a cord with me. I have always been an I Love Lucy fan. I believed we were kindred spirits not only sharing a birthday but a penchant for innocently getting into trouble.

You name it if it’s a sticky situation I will have found myself knee deep and dripping in it. I don’t do it on purpose it just happens. It could be my naivety or my serious lack of thinking things through. I often get flustered and all my thoughts fly out of my brain only to go sit and squawk with the birds on the overhanging telephone wires. I am left with an empty brain scrambling to force jumbled words out of my mouth. Usually there are a lot of “I’m sorry or I don’t know how that could have happened”.

I am the girl that starts frantically looking for my phone only to realize I am talking on it. Today for instance I forgot to brush my seven year old daughters hair before school. A quick spit pat down on her long hair in the carpool line and she looked even worse then when I started my liquid spit bath.

The Kardashian’s in all there stylish, designer clothes and out of proportion drama are entertaining to watch but I would not for one second trade lives with them. I like my crazy life and quirky yet forgetful personality. This is me, a bit out of sorts, full of love with crazy creative energy and always feeling like there is something I forgot to do.

I don’t want to be a Kardashian, I want to be a Lucy.  This photo is my screensaver so that I am remind to be Lucy better yet to be Gretchen!  Be you, because nobody can be a better you then yourself.

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