Sunday Prep Day

I like to be prepared as I can be for the week ahead. I would love to say I do this because I am an ultra organized person but in all honesty it is because I don’t function well in the morning. It takes about 3 cups of coffee to get me moving. Which means yes, I’m the mom in the carpool line with bedhead and wearing a coat that covers up my pajamas; much to my children’s dismay.

I start by making all of my kids and hubby’s lunches for the next day. This provides for a smoother morning just in case we accidently oversleep. It doesn’t however guarantee they wont forget to grab their lunches on the way out the door to work or school. This happens more often then I would like, but by lunch time I am fully caffeinated and appropriately dressed so that I can drive their forgotten lunches up to school.


Next I steep enough tea for the week. This is mainly for my husband and I. This week I made orange mint green tea. Once you learn how simple it is to make some fresh energizing tea ahead of time you will feel more creative about making your own flavor combinations. Next week I’m going to try steeping my tea with cucumbers and strawberries. Keep the tea in the fridge and it stays fresh all week.


Now to the baking. I try and offer a healthy breakfast option that my family can just grab and go. I bake three varieties of muffins and or breakfast cookies. This is what I tried this week; healthy zucchini muffins,  carrot cake oatmeal cookies and applesauce oat muffins. The applesauce oat muffins were hands down my family’s favorite. I always double each recipe and freeze the extras. I individually wrap each muffin and then put them in a freezer zip-lock bag.

Hopefully these ideas will help you out if your morning are anything like mine.

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