I Got it from my Mama

IMG_6587This girl is quick witted, tender hearted and the love of my life. I want the best for her, but I can’t always afford to give her everything she deserves. I shop smart and this is how we afforded this darling outfit.

The white graphic t-shirt I purchased at The Children’s Place – $4.99

Blue hombre plaid shirt and the rhinestone accented jeans were both bought at a thrift store for $0.99 x2 =$1.98

Blue bandana scarf used as a headband from Walmart fro $0.99

Grand total -$7.96

Shop ahead.

Shop the sales.

You got this mama!


Ellaray’s Thrifty Threads

img_6781Don’t believe you can dress your kid to be on trend and on budget?

Here is the breakdown of this cute outfit:

Leopard print dress: $3.99

Faux fur vest $5.99

Cap: Last years clearance at Walmart $1.00

Aqua leggings: The Children’s Place $5.00

Nine West boots: $4.99

Necklace and watch: Gifts

Unless noted everything was bought at a thrift store.



Ellaray’s Thrifted Threads

Check out this darling outfit,

This entire outfit from bandanna to Converse tennis shoes cost about $10.00. The t-shirt came from a sale at the Children’s Place for $4. The bandana was at Walmart for $1.00 and everything else was thrifted. 

You can create a stylish wardrobe on any budget. 

My Obsession and Passion for Ebay

Over a decade ago I set out on a mission to start selling on EBay. It took me many years to figure it out. The basic concept was like the stock market buy low sell high.

There are so many different niches on EBay. I found mine with clothing, mainly for the sole reason that it made it convient to shop for clothes for my own family a the same time. I am by no means rich but my children have worn some of the top designer’s clothes that only cost me a couple of dollars.

A few years back I had the opportunity to be filmed about my EBay business. It was such a fun experience. The best part was that I ended up becoming friends with the news anchor. She is just as sweet as she was on television. I thought it would be fun to give you a chance to see me in action, shopping and explaining my EBay business.

Check out my EBay store

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Still a Little Chilly in Colorado


This high end thrifty find cost less then you can imagine. Here is the breakdown.

Versatile denim dress $5.99

La Donna Italian made brown leather boots $12.99

Hat $1.99

Burberry light-weight khaki jacket $7.99

Grand Total: 28.96


I get to wear authentic Burberry for the price of a few cocktails! Hope this inspires you to dress thrifty. I would love to see your thrifty fashions. Be sure to tag me on Instagram with your thrift store outfits @upcycled_goddess.

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Model I’m NOT

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I tried my best to model this thrift store outfit but balancing in heels with 30mph winds is not my strong suit. I have don’t have any desire to make a career out of modeling. Now onto the price breakdown of this casual thrift store style.

Gray V-neck t-shirt – $0.99

The comfiest and softest sweater I’ve ever owned – $5.99

Seven for all Mankind jeans – $9.99 (more then I usually spend on jeans but they make my bootie look great).

Franco Sarto black and silver studded heels $3.99

Grand Total: $20.96

Hope this inspires your thrift store style.

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Is that a Zebra?

IMG_2495 (2)

I always forget whether it’s vertical or horizontal stripes that make you look skinny, so I combined them. Believe it not the top and skirt were bought at different thrift stores. Here is the breakdown of this thrifty find:

Skirt: $3.99

Top $0.99

Shoes: $3.89

Tommy Hilfiger purse $4.99

Total: $13.86

Hope this inspires you to be head to toe fabulous!

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