I’ve Been Nominated for the Liebster Award!

Great to see established bloggers lifting up a newbie.


I am so delighted to have been nominated for a Liebster award by a fellow blogger!

The Liebster award is open to new bloggers that have been blogging for under two years and have less than 1K followers. It is a wonderful honor that encourages newbies, like myself, by introducing them to a wider audience, and providing empowerment with a pat on the back that says, “Hey! We see you! And we love what you’ve got going on!”

Now, when the hysterical Alexis of Mrs. Mombie nominated me, she explained that this award did not, in fact, involve “heavy gold trophy ladies,” but was an opportunity for fellow bloggers to recognize their colleagues.

You mean one of my favorite bloggers considered me as someone worth reading and recognizing? DAY.MADE.

Alexis and I met on Instagram – and by met, I mean I kind of stalked her for a few months, admiring…

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Happiness is not Expensive

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I bought this t-shirt on a whim, not giving much thought to the words. I just needed a shirt for layering underneath my new denim button-up. I was shocked at the response I received when I wore this. I found myself wearing it often and crafting my own social experiment of sorts.

What I thought people would say when they saw this shirt was “oh, darling I love your shirt. I couldn’t agree more. My family and faith are everything to me”. That is NOT what happened. In all the times I went out in this shirt not one single woman young or old made a comment.

Men flocked to me when I was wearing this shirt. You would think I was wearing some cleavage revealing tank top and mini skirt with fishnet stockings the way men came up to me. I was a bit taken aback and felt uncomfortable with the attention. This certainly was not my intent.

The words that came out of these men’s mouths floored me. Every gentleman that approached me made the same comment “tell my wife that”. These men were inevitably trailing their wives as they shopped around the store. It was obvious they were just along to swipe their credit card. As the comments multiplied every time I went out, I started to reflect on what these men had spontaneously spoken to me.

Is this what husbands near and far think of their wives? Does my husband think of me that way? I know my husband admires my frugal, coupon cutting thrift store shopping ways. I try very hard not to talk about new things I want in the hopes that he would surprise me with them. He kind of stinks at the whole buying gifts thing anyways.

I have struggled within my marriage that my husband rarely surprises me with flowers or buys me a cute piece of jewelry on a whim. We all want that fairytale romance out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. I don’t have that. I have something far better. I have a husband who will get up at 4 in the morning to shovel  3 feet of snow off the driveway. He brings me coffee in bed, warms up my car and takes the kids out to play when he knows my patience has run thin. This is love.

I challenge you to look at everything your husband does for you in a different light. When the snow is swept off your car imagine a dozen roses laying on your windshield. When he gets the kids out of the house early on a Saturday morning so you can sleep in, imagine a bouquet of Gerber daisies sitting on your nightstand. Make a conscience shift in your thinking and eventually it will become habit. He loves you and I am sure he shows it in many ways. Be attentive and look for the romance that may lie hidden within the everyday moments of your life, because happiness is not expensive, but love is priceless.

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What is upcycling

Dictionary definition:

up·cy·cle ˈəpˌsīkəl/verb;
gerund or present participle: upcycling, to reuse in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

Upcycling is turning something that once had no purpose into something useable. I adore taking thrift store finds, adding some paint, and turning them into my own personal treasure.
As I reflected on the word upcycling, it occurred to me that we are constantly upcycling. I change my hair color, for example to give my dull and tired mommy-hair a little pick-me-up. I turn last night’s sautéed potatoes and rotisserie chicken into a breakfast feast by scrambling eggs into the leftovers and pouring salsa on top.
This blog is full of tips for upcycling your life. Check back often for new recipes, crafts, and the humorous follies of my life.


Gretchen Anthony